Monday, March 2, 2009

Recent and Ridiculous Mistakes.

Booking a flight for March 9, when you had intended to depart on May 9. And then paying $150 to change your reservation.

Parking in an area where a permit is required after 6pm (at 6:15pm) and returning to your car just as the evil-meter-minion has spotted your parking error. And then waiting, sheepishly, as he prints out your parking ticket.

Arranging for, what you hope will be, an excellent speaker for a colloquium that you are helping to organize only to find out, two weeks before the event, that you gave this person the wrong date and that they will not be available to speak.

Good thing I'm not a surgeon or an air traffic controller.


\bvb said...

No, you're an information professional who has misinformation problems. No damage there. lol

\bvb said...

ps- meter maids deserve whatever scorn and abuse they get. No one who volunteers for such a horrible job can be anything but psychopathic.

Lindsey said...

Thanks. =) I had the strongest urge to run over the meter-boy after I got back into my car. But I managed to not do that.