Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reasons to look forward to a hospital stay.

1. The possibility of morphine.

2. A plentiful supply of warm blankets.

3. The blissful combination of morphine and warm blankets.

4. Being able to overhear very strange conversations.

5. Not being held responsible for anything strange that you might say.

6. Not being expected to remember anything strange that you might have said.


Ed said...

4... Especially hearing about Hot Sauce Boy! and the constant drum of the drunkard in the next room

rockin' ricky rialto said...

Oh the interesting people you can meet

Oh the interesting things you can hear, smell, taste, and see

Don't forget all the jello and boullion you can eat (or drink)

Anonymous said...

except that she's a vegetarian and can't eat Jello or boullion! ;-)

\bvb said...

>>5. Not being held responsible for anything strange that you might say.<<
Which you most definitely will do while on that morphine!

Lindsey said...

Oh, I miss the morphine. And hot sauce boy too.

kulley said...

and the feeling of being high on pain medication, saying something, and as you hear it coming out of your mouth, you know that it is weird and embarrassing.

For example "I'm not FX 5" while half asleep, high on pain meds, and listening to a commercial for the show while half asleep. Everyone in the room saying 'um... what?' Your only defense is to pretend you were talking in your sleep.