Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to make someone feel really uncomfortable.

1. Choose your prey wisely: the person should be alone, minding their own business, perhaps out for an early morning walk on a desolate city street.

2. Make sure you've developed some sort of facial twitch or muscle spasm.

3. Start asking personal questions immediately: Inquire as to marital status, current occupation, and place of residence.

4. Physical contact is very important.

If the person retreats into a coffee shop, you've done your job well.


rockin ricky rialto said...

should you also smell bad and be dressed like an extra from the road warrior

Lisa said...

haha! Lindsey you crack me up...though i hope you're okay!
I think I would add, occasionally shouting random obscenities might also make that list. Also, wearing an outfit that reveals enough that might get you arrested for indecency.

\bvb said...

fuck! shit! fuck! Hey, nice pants you're wearing. bitch cunt whore!

Lindsey said...

Ok, thanks. I'll add profanity to the list. =)

Anonymous said...

don't forget about that little gleaming spot of spittle slowly creeping out of the corner of your mouth

Mutuelle sante said...

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