Friday, July 18, 2008

I need a drink.

And here's why:

1. An unexplainable budget surplus: We can't just be happy and leave it alone, we have to figure out why, or more to the point, I have to figure out why.

2. An unexpected delivery of 25 boxes of overflow of periodicals from the chemistry library, which we have NO room for. They are now wedged in between the stacks in the government documents area.

3. A random donation of approximately 550 books, while I happen to be at a meeting, from a person who claims to have spoken with me previously and obtained permission to make the delivery.

4. Not more than thirty minutes ago, I noticed that the large recycling bucket in my department was gone, its contents having been dumped out onto the floor. This can only mean one thing: something is leaking, somewhere. So, slightly alarmed, I wander around a bit and find a half-a-dozen of my co-workers staring at a ceiling leak in the reference area.


Anonymous said...

I dropped off the 500 books. You said I can, remember? I called you last week and you were all "yea, it's cool, come on down with your books. I can dig it holmes!" Remember now? I had that sultry voice you were so enthralled with....mmmm hmmm...

Lindsey said...

Um, yeah, that sounds just like something I would say.