Friday, May 30, 2008

Book Circus.

Today I attended a massive gathering of publishers, authors, vendors, librarians, and other book enthusiasts. How can I convey to you the insanity that was this event? First, let me say that there was a bounty of free swag at 'Book Circus,' as I have decided to re-name it. And swag, I am speculating, causes blindness. How many times was I almost walked into? How many burgeoning novelty tote bags almost smacked me in the face? I lost count. Aside from this, I will give you some highlights:
1. Scientologists (and they had multiple booths).
2. Fans of visiting authors, some in costume (most notable were the pirates).
3. People dressed up like Jesus wielding placards heralding the rapture.
4. A huge, horse-like, dalmatian.
5. An Ask-the-Lawyer booth, costing one nickel per five minutes (Sadly, I didn't have any burning legal questions).
6. Most hilarious item of swag: Condoms promoting a new book: Naughty Paris: A Lady's Guide to the Sexy City.

1 comment:

Queen Seedy said...

OMG... that sounds so fun!!! You should invite me next time! I was sexy swag with Jesus-freak pirates!