Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's Not a Seminar, It's a Webinar.

So, at the 'brary, we're trying to choose an ERMS (Electronic Resources Management System). This involves vendor presentations; vendor presentations that I have to sit through and at least manage to keep my eyes open. This was very difficult today because the vendor, who shall remain nameless, didn't come in person, they hosted a webinar. Oh, and it's important to note the the vendor was late. I logged into the Microsoft Outlook "Live Meeting" and dialed into the conference call, only to be greeted by a blank screen and extremely repetitive elevator-type music. About thirty minutes later, after we'd all been kicked out of the conference call, the presenter materialized. I'm thinking it's a 'no' on this product.

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Matty matt matt said...

I've done a webinar before, very annoying. You have to be on the computer and on the phone at the same time. AND there's always someone who can't get logged into the computer part, so they have to stop and help that person get their modem out of their ass. THEN there's always someone who doesn't know how to put their phone on mute during the conference call so you get all their background noise on the call and can't hear what the webinar person is saying. The webinar that I did was for Spider Wrap, its a sensormatic device that we use on high dollar product. So I was on the call, on the computer, and I had a spider wrap that the webinar person was instructing us how to use. WOOOHOOO WEBINAR!!!