Monday, August 27, 2007


Is this a word? I'm not sure. There has to be a noun version of the verb hobnob. So, this is my solution. If anyone has better idea, please let me know. Today was the first day of the fall semester. I had to go to both a faculty meeting at 8:30am and a faculty reception at 5pm. What? No staff/admin reception? No. And why not? Because we've been here all summer! I'm not bitter. Really.


kelley said...

i looked it up in my computer's dictionary, and here's what i came up with...

hobnob |ˈhäbˌnäb| verb ( -nobbed , -nobbing ) [ intrans. ] informal mix socially, esp. with those of higher social status : a select few who hobnob with the biggest celebrities the country has to offer. ORIGIN early 19th cent.(in the sense [drink together] ): from archaic hob or nob, hob and nob, probably meaning [give and take,] used by two people drinking to each other's health, from dialect hab nab [have or not have.]

hobnob verb informal she sought out every opportunity to hobnob with the rich and famous associate, mix, fraternize, socialize, keep company, spend time, go around, mingle, consort, network, rub shoulders, rub elbows; informal hang around/out, be thick, schmooze.

were you hobnobbing with those of a higher social status?

Lindsey said...

I got the same info on hobnob--and no noun form of the word. I was hobnobbing with faculty in the sense that they are particularly powerful at this college and the library needs allies!

Anonymous said...

But I do like hobnobbery. It seems to fit perfectly: you were engaging in a bit of hobnobbery.

Yes! I do like it.

Anonymous said...

(That was me, Joelle, by the way.)