Thursday, April 9, 2009


Since I work in an academic library, people under the age of eighteen are generally anomalous. For the past several days I have noticed a number of tour groups, comprised of small children, coming into the Library. The objective of these tours still eludes me. Much of the time, they went on their merry way. But sometimes, as it seemed to have been discussed and agreed upon beforehand, they asked a question at the reference desk (where I happened to be perched). First, let me say that I am not good with crowds. They make me nervous. So, when one child came to the desk, apparently acting as spokesperson, and the others crowded around on all sides of the desk I was a bit, um, anxious. And when they asked their question and waited, with bated breath, for my, no doubt accurate and enlightening, response I nearly choked. In the end, I was able to find the call number for Lord of the Rings: PR6039.O32 L67 1954. I also managed to recall, somewhere in the reaches of my memory, that the Library holds roughly 500,000 volumes (eliciting gasps of shock and awe).


\bvb said...

Not LOTR. *shakes head*

PS- I remember reading this short story about a guy being chased by "them" and how "they" would hunt him down and kill him, mercilessly playing with him before they killed him. "They" turned out to be kids under 6; aliens had killed (nearly) all the adults in the world.

Made me think about just how creepy and evil the little things can be.

rockin' ricky rialto said...

Just try to imagine them in their underwear.


Lindsey said...

You sick bastard.

rockin' ricky rialto said...

What!? It worked for Marcia Brady.