Friday, May 2, 2008

Whole Paycheck.

This is a nick name I have often heard used to describe Whole Foods Market. And yes, I have found that it has been given appropriately so. Tonight, I think I may have uncovered the reason behind this price gouging. I had gone to WF on the way home from work to grab a couple of things and was walking by the coffee-grinding area when I was suddenly struck by an undeniable need for an iced coffee. Bastards. So, I got my iced coffee and was adding cream and such when I saw an elderly woman take, what I can only describe as, a brick of napkins. The pile was so thick that she struggled to extricate it from the dispenser. Her (I assume) husband followed suit and took at least half a dozen of those made-out-of-corn-biodegradable spoons. Perhaps, by having what would seem like unreasonably high prices, the good people at Whole Paycheck are merely compensating for the overly enthusiastic population of napkin and cutlery thieves in the United States. I am in awe of their generosity.

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