Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lindsey's First California Presidential Primary.

It was interesting. There was a camera crew filming some guy in a suit who was voting. Maybe I should have known who that person was, but I did not. And I messed up my ballot and had to ask for another one. How embarassing.


Lavon and Barry (sagittarius) said...

Who did you vote for???

I didn't vote in the primary, I represent the non-conformist degenerate gen x'er.

but I would've voted for Barack Hussein Obama, too bad Hillary beat him by 100,000 votes, so my vote wouldn't really make a difference

Lindsey said...

I voted for Barack Hussein Obama. And, indeed, my vote did not make a difference. Mitt dropped out ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.... Yay I dont' have to move to Mexico!

kellEy said...

we may all have to migrate to Canada... People are dropping left and right. Huckabee is this underlying threat. He probably thinks he just has to stick it out til everyone else quits.