Monday, October 1, 2007

The Oft-Misspelled Name.

My name is frequently misspelled by others. It's the silent consonant that throws people off. Also, there are many variants in the spelling, this causes quite a bit of confusion. Here are some examples :

Lansay (this one is new today, courtesy of the bagel shop near my apartment)
Lincee (seriously)
Lindzhaaaaayyy (well, this is less a misspelling and more a nickname, thanks Amara)


Joelle said...

I often give fake names at restaurants and the like, whenever they ask for my name. I tell them, "Joelle." They write any of the following:

Jo-el (at least this one's phonetically correct)
(What's up with all the ones adding in an N?)

I used to give Jenny as my name in those kinds of situations. These days the most common false name is Jesse. When I started working as a teenager, I began spelling my name Joelle with the double dot thing (trema in french, omlaut in german) over the first E. It worked, so I kept it in for nearly a decade. These days I spell it either with or without. I'm often lazy when I type.

Lindsey said...

Oh, I want an omlaut! Ja! My friend Kathy has, what she calls, a "take-out name" for restaurants. She gave me one too, it's Gwenivere. My brother sometimes uses Xavier, which I particularly enjoy.

kellEy said...

On the phone with customer's at work, I'm often Kerry or Carrie. To my store manager I'm Kelly (even though I've been there for 7 years!) and today over the intercom he paged me as Kelly Hartwell.

I called him and told him that she quit.

I've only been married for a year now. You'd think he'd get it right. It's not the first time he's done it. There's another lady at work who has had 3 last names since she began working there, and no one forgets hers.

The kellEy spelling always made it hard as a child to find things with my name on it, like pencils and license plates for your bike. But, I've seen Kellee, Kelli, Kellie, Kelly, and (my favorite) Kelleigh.

Joelle said...

I could never find anything with my name on it when I was a kid. Then, when I was fifteen, my dad went on a business trip to France. He came back with TONS of stuff with my name on it! Pens, pencils, note paper, stickers, you name it. I got the idea for the trema over the E from that stuff, since a couple of the things he brought back had it.

Matteo said...

I've also seen Lynzee. Don't mess with Xavier, the call ahead seating extraordinaire. GO RED SOX!! GO OMLAUTS!!