Friday, August 31, 2007

Sleep Deprivation.

Am I writing about the same topics over and over again? I apologize. I am currently barely functioning in an insomniac fog. It is somehow reminiscent of the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ("Was I talking? Could they hear me?"), except without the drug use, despite what my dear Brother would have you believe. Don't listen to him. I totally helped him kill that bat, while he mercifully let Kelley sleep. I guess when there's a bat in the house, it's best to wake up your sister and not your future wife. Hmmmm.... But I realize that it takes about 48 hours without sleep for the hallucinations to start. This is going to be an interesting Labor Day weekend.


Kelley said...

I will be forever grateful for your role in the bat incident. I have no idea why I didn't wake up during all that. I also didn't wake up while someone was breaking into our basement. I guess I just don't have a sense of urgency while I'm asleep.

Lindsey said...

Well, now you get to be the bat helper! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Matteo said...

Did you see what God just did to us man? I knew it!! you're a f#@%ing narcotics agent!! 48 hours without sleep?? Wait til you see those goddamn bats! You didn't do anything with the bat, I killed it all by myself